Anna Mitchael writes stubbornly optimistic books, magazine columns and articles for readers who want to have fun. She began her career as a copywriter, working for advertising agencies located in big cities across the country and creating brand-building work for companies like Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Visa and Procter & Gamble. When she met her husband-to-be, she gave up urban life and moved with him to a cattle ranch in Texas. Living off the grid gave her the space she wanted to pursue writing books. Unexpectedly, it was also the beginning of a freelance business. As it ends up, marketers want copywriters who understand that not every consumer’s life looks like a Kardashian’s Instagram. In a time when we are opinionated to the point of division—red vs blue, urban vs rural, rosé vs Prosecco—Anna’s nomadic life experience has given her the ability to write to (and reach the hearts of) all kinds of people.

Since 2010 Anna has been a monthly columnist for Wacoan, the city magazine of Waco, Texas. On those pages she has written about everything from finding hope in gas station churros to motherhood and how to know when it’s time to give up on the day and just bake a pie. Anna is the co-author of Copygirl and the author of Just Don’t Call Me Ma’am, Rattlesnake Stories and Rooster Stories. She is also a frequent contributor to Magnolia Journal. In 2018 Anna and her rancher moved into Waco, which makes it easier for their three children to trick-or-treat. She still flees to the country whenever possible to write, practice yoga and—when she’s having a bad day or simply a hungry one—bake some pecan pies.