Anna Mitchael is a Louisiana-born author who lives and works outside the tiny town of Mosheim, Texas. She writes stubbornly optimistic and entertaining books, magazine articles, and short fiction for readers who just want to have fun. Anna began her career as a copywriter in cities across America, working in advertising agencies and penning copy for everything from Starbucks to Jaguar and Swiffer. This experience became the foundation for two of her books, Copygirl and Just Don’t Call Me Ma’am. Today she still freelances as a writer and creative director for a select group of larger clients, as well as some amazing entrepreneurs and small businesses. The main difference is that now Anna looks out her window and sees cattle in a pasture instead of people on Madison Avenue.

In addition to her two published novels, Anna is also the author of two popular Kindle Singles, Rooster Stories and Rattlesnake Stories. Since 2010 she has been a monthly columnist for Wacoan, the city magazine of Waco, Texas, and currently writes the (mostly) humor column called “Texanna”. When Anna isn’t writing she can be found out in the wide-open spaces of Central Texas attempting a rural activity that’s way out of her league—but her four-year-old could do with his eyes closed.