Almost ten years ago, I started writing a monthly column for the city magazine of Waco, Texas. Initially, because I was a first-time mom, the column was called Notes from A New Mother. But over time it evolved into Texanna, a place where I write about everyday life things in (you guessed it) Texas. 

 Until last year, writing for a magazine was where I stretched my legs and had some fun away from my day job of making ads. My columns were an escape. I also loved how they were a quick punch of humor, or a moment to be insightful, compared with the deeper dive of writing a book.

But then after two decades of working in advertising, I joined the editorial team at Magnolia Journal. Now I spend my days immersed in the magazine world.

 Luckily my columns still feel like an escape. But it’s more like going to Galveston versus traveling to a beach in Costa Rica—somewhere that feels like a whole different world. If you aren’t in Central Texas, you can read some recent Texanna columns here. Magnolia Journal is most likely available at a store very near you.