rattlesnake stories


Copywriter Kay Carlson landed her dream job as a copywriter at the top ad agency in New York City. But she’s learning talent and hard work won’t win the approval of her hotshot creative director, Elliott. whose idea of team-building is playing Xbox with his boy tribe while Kay pens puns for the cat food account none of the cool kids will touch.

When the agency’s biggest client threatens to walk, Kay realizes her job will be first on the chopping block. Can Kay find the confidence to risk it all so she can rewrite the rules from the corner office? Or will she be on the first bus back to Jersey, too washed up to write copy for the phone book?

“Wickedly funny and smartly sweet… a high-octane, electric look at Madison Avenue.” —Publisher’s Weekly

rattlesnake stories

Just Don’t Call Me Ma’am

Written for every woman who’s experienced the ups and downs of trying to figure out who you’re really meant to be, Just Don’t Call Me Ma’am is a story of one woman and the choices that add up to be her twentysomething life—and of how sometimes you have to remember where you came from before you can figure out where you’re going.

“There is another side to the Sex and the City martini and stiletto fairy tale of finding your way in the world.” —Texas Monthly

rattlesnake stories

Rooster Stories

Anna Mitchael imagined she would always live in cities. Big cities. She loved the hustle and bustle, had a great job a major advertising agency and wrote fiction on the side. Then she met and fell in love with a man who lived in the country. Deep in the country.

In Rooster Stories, Mitchael tells the hilarious, heartfelt and often breathtakingly poignant story of how she, as a young woman, learned to love life out in the middle nowhere, all while providing refuge to a gaggle of ugly chickens and one too many domineering, sex-crazed roosters (all named Kenny). Part memoir, part screed, part whatchamacallit, Rooster Stories shows that sometimes the life that makes you happiest is the one you never, ever, not-in-a-million-years imagined you’d be living.

“The story of a city-to-country transplant isn’t new, but Mitchael is funny enough to rejuvenate the narrative… a colorful, laugh-out-loud portrait of rural life.”       Chicago Tribune

rattlesnake stories

Rattlesnake Stories

Anna Mitchael thought her fear of snakes would never be tested. But then she moved onto a ranch. Deep in the heart of Texas. And discovered her closest neighbors were cattle, coyotes and a whole lotta rattlesnakes.

In Rattlesnake Stories, Mitchael (author of the novel Copygirl) skillfully weaves her battles against the snakes with anxieties many of us know intimately. When are we holding on too tight? When should we let go? What will come tomorrow? Along the way she shows us that we are stronger than we may think—and provides irrefutable evidence that we must not hide from our fears. Yes, life can be messy and poison-filled. But it is also beautiful and very much worth living.