A LITTLE MORE THAN A DECADE AGO I began writing a monthly column for Wacoan, the city magazine of Waco, Texas. From the very start I loved it—having a regular column was so different from what I did in my daily work as an ad copywriter. And compared to the deep dive of writing a book it was like taking a dirt bike out for a spin and a few flips. 

When I was getting started I remember thinking I would write it for a year, maybe two if I really stretched things out. In the end I wrote 127 columns—almost 11 years worth. I am taking a break right now to focus on my family, job, and a new book—but even just a few months into that and I am already missing the monthly ride. Below are samples of the column along with pieces I’ve written while working as Deputy Editor at Magnolia Journal.

“A Rare Bird” Wacoan, October 2020

“Risk + Reward” Magnolia Journal, Summer 2020

“What Would Esther Do?” Wacoan, January 2021

“A Nice Arrival” Wacoan, May 2021

“No Looking Back” Magnolia Journal, Summer 2021

“Commitment” Magnolia Journal, Summer 2021

“Endless Summer” Wacoan, June 2021

“Chilly Tuna” Wacoan, March 2021

“Return of the Lurch” Wacoan, September 2020