Anna is a Louisiana-born writer who lives in Texas on a ranch that has cattle, a vineyard, chickens, roosters, rattlesnakes and a one-eyed dog (thanks to one of the aforementioned rattlesnakes.) She writes books, magazine articles, advertisements for clients located across the country, and extensive grocery lists that are organized by aisle.

In her twenties Anna lived in a selection of amazing American cities—Boston, Seattle, Denver, New York City & Dallas. But then she met a man she was rather fond of who lived way out in the middle of nowhere and one night after lots of tequila she said she would try the country life. She agreed to two years and they both fully expected that at the end of those two years she would run screaming for a city. Quite the opposite happened. Now when she is in a city for more than a week she runs screaming for the country.

People often ask what she and this man ‘do’ in the country. This is Anna’s favorite question to answer because it’s the only time she gets to say ‘varmint hunt’ with a straight face. In addition to shooting small animals (when they’re small they don’t have feelings) the two of them also chew hay and spend long, extended periods of time drinking whiskey on the tailgates of all the broken-down trucks they collect in their front yard.







Anna co-wrote CopyGirl with the ever-sparkling and luminous Michelle Sassa and it will be published by Berkley Books in the summer of 2015. Many moons ago Anna and Michelle were copywriters at Berlin Cameron in New York City. They reconnected at a wedding in North Carolina in 2012 and after stuffing their faces with shrimp ‘n grits and laughing hysterically about how they once went on all-expense paid trip to Paris to create ads for toilet paper, they decided it was time to reignite the glory days of writing together. Who wouldn’t want to return to such greatness?

CopyGirl is their first book of (effing awesome) women’s fiction and they are hard at work on a second. All their writing is represented by Susan Golomb of the Susan Golomb Literary Agency, who is also ever-sparkling and luminous.

Just Don’t Call Me Ma’am

Anna’s first book, Just Don’t Call Me Ma’am, was published by Seal Press in 2010. The essays are based on the years she spent moving around the country, working at various advertising agencies, trying her best to have the life everyone said would be such fun and wondering why things felt… well… less than fun. The answer? You’ll have to read the book to find out! No, not really. The answer is that letting anyone else tell you what equals a good life is a seriously shitty (and probably ill-fated) formula for living a good life.

Just Don’t Call Me Ma’am is a fun read that’s great either for the beach or for when you’re feeling like a bitch. Beach to bitch pretty much encapsulates the entire spectrum of female emotions…..so no matter when you grab a copy you’re guaranteed to love it.



Anna writes a blog at thirtysexysomething.com. It’s about life and the pursuit of confident, funny, sexy happiness.

For the last four years Anna has also written a monthly column called ‘Notes From A New Mother’ in Wacoan, the city magazine of Waco Texas. In the column she has been known to discuss the projected life span of pet fish, the pros and cons of letting your kids wear pajamas in public, hope, perseverance and coyotes—though not necessarily in that order. You can read the archive of these columns on the Wacoan website.


At the start of her career Anna Mitchael worked as a copywriter in award-winning advertising agencies as well as in-house for the prestigious design group at Starbucks Coffee Company. Today she works as a freelancer from her home in Mosheim, Texas.

Her clients are located across the country and also span a wide selection of industries. Companies big and small come to Anna for insightful positioning, strategy and pitch-perfect writing.  Anna especially enjoys working with entrepreneurs who are passionate about their products but need help with storytelling and building their brands from the ground up.

If you would like to talk about how compelling words and ideas could grow your business, simply send Anna an email and say hello. Her portfolio, references, resume and rates are available upon request.

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Cover Girl
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Sam Adams
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  • 30ss

    New blog up and running

    After lots of blood, sweat, tears and internet magic thirtysexysomething.com is up and running. Read & enjoy & please feel free to share a post (or ten) with friends. It takes a village to spread the news about a new blog and I am so appreciative of my readers—thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • No one ever said full time jobs were easy

    On those days when you doubt your hair, clothes or ability to use your kitchen for anything other than the construction of a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, Pinterest can be a debilitating place to visit. Every other 'pin' features a woman with either a perfectly-coiffed pixie cut or beach waves done just so. Oh and look, there’s next season’s 'it' boots that definitely are not at a store near you, or in your budget. Don’t forget the ‘after’ pictures of foods so impossibly impeccable even Betty Crocker would throw an egg at the computer screen. How refreshing (and ironic) that when I went to Pinterest today this is the quote I saw: ‘Keeping it real is a full time job.’ A breath of fresh air amid the claustrophobia of Pinterest perfection… and also exactly what I needed to remember as September kicks into high gear. Amid some awesome new client work and writing projects, I have also been putting finishing touches on a new internet project. It's close, very close, and I am going to link the new project to this site very soon. In the last couple weeks it's also taking a lot of mental strength to resist the Halloween candy that's already out in every freaking aisle at the grocery store. Are you dealing with that too or am I alone on that one? I wish you the willpower I don't seem to have, and will be back soon with a new site for your internet browser. Parting words: some days keeping it real means keeping your hand in a bag of mini Snickers. You'll never see that on Pinterest but it sure as hell is true.    
  • samhat

    The story of a gently used car and its captain

    July! It's the month of Uncle Sam's birthday. And my birthday. And now it's also the birthday month of my new car. I take my cars very seriously (if you live in the country, you spend a whole lotta' time in your automobile) and so I wrote a story about the passing of old to new for my July column. As with most things in July, it's best enjoyed with an adult beverage in hand and firecrackers going off in the background.
  • Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 6.11.37 PM-pola

    CopyGirl to be published by berkley books

    Our book CopyGirl has been bought by Berkley Books (which is part of Penguin Random House) and is scheduled to be published late spring of 2015. This is really amazing news. The heroine of CopyGirl is a girl after my own heart....and I think she might be someone you will love too. I'll keep you posted as we get more specifics on when you can meet her.
  • vacation

    That vacation high without the vacation

    A few months ago I sat down and made a list of dream literary agents. It was ‘pie in the sky’ stuff—a short list of the women in the industry I respect the most. Now my writing partner, Michelle Sassa, and I have signed with one of those agents. You know what it's like to wake up on vacation? When even if you got out of bed and a brick dropped on your foot you wouldn't give a shit because the day is going to be amazing and nothing can change that? The feeling of working with this agent is even better than that feeling.
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