Anna is a Louisiana-born writer who lives in Texas on a ranch that has cattle, a vineyard, chickens, roosters, rattlesnakes and a one-eyed dog (thanks to one of the aforementioned rattlesnakes.) She writes books, magazine articles, marketing for clients located across the country, and extensive grocery lists that are organized by aisle.

In her twenties Anna lived in a selection of amazing American cities—Boston, Seattle, Denver, New York City & Dallas. But then she met a man she was rather fond of who lived way out in the middle of nowhere and one night after lots of tequila she said she would give the country life a try. She agreed to two years and they both fully expected that at the end of those two years she would run screaming for a city. Quite the opposite happened. Now when she is in a city for more than a week she runs screaming for the country.

People often ask what she and this man ‘do’ in the country. This is Anna’s favorite question to answer because it’s the only time she gets to say ‘varmint hunt’ with a straight face. In addition to shooting small animals (when they’re small they don’t have feelings) the two of them also chew hay and spend long, extended periods of time drinking whiskey on the tailgates of all the broken-down trucks they collect in their front yard.







Copygirl by anna mitchael and michelle sassaAnna co-wrote Copygirl with the ever-sparkling and luminous Michelle Sassa and it will be published on October 6th by Berkeley Books. [Pre-order here!] Many, many moons ago Anna and Michelle were copywriters at the same ad agency in New York City. They reconnected at a wedding in North Carolina and after stuffing their faces with shrimp ‘n grits and laughing hysterically about how they once went on all-expense paid trip to Paris to write ads for toilet paper, they decided it was time to reignite the glory days of writing together. Who wouldn’t want to return to such greatness?

Copygirl is their first book of women’s fiction and it has been hailed as a cross between Devil Wears Prada and Madmen. The two are hard at work on a second manuscript and all their work is represented by Susan Golomb, who is also ever-sparkling and luminous.

Just Don’t Call Me Ma’am

JDCMMTheBookAnna’s first book, Just Don’t Call Me Ma’am, was published by Seal Press in 2010. The essays are about the years she spent living in some great cities, working at various advertising agencies, trying her best to have the life everyone said would be such fun and wondering why things felt less than fun. The answer? Read the book to find out! No, not really. The answer is that letting other people tell you what makes a good life is like letting somebody else order for you all the time in a restaurant. Maybe you end up with some great experiences, but you never get what you’re really craving. No one else on Earth can zero in on what your soul is hungry for.

It’s a great read for the beach. Or on days you’re feeling less beach and more bitch. That should have been the tagline: Making beaches and bitches funnier. Yes. You should definitely grab your copy today.



Anna blogs at thirtysexysomething.com about life and the pursuit of confident, funny, sexy happiness.

For five years Anna has also written the monthly column  ‘Notes From A New Mother’ for Wacoan, the city magazine of Waco, Texas. The most recent columns are available on the Wacoan website.


At the start of her career Anna Mitchael worked as a copywriter in award-winning advertising agencies as well as in-house for the prestigious design group at Starbucks Coffee Company. Today she freelances from her home in Mosheim, Texas.

Her clients are located across the country and also span a wide selection of industries. Companies big and small come to Anna for insightful positioning, strategy and pitch-perfect writing.  Anna especially enjoys working with entrepreneurs who are passionate about their products but need help with storytelling and building their brands from the ground up.

If you would like to talk about how compelling words and ideas could grow your business, simply send Anna an email and say hello. Her portfolio, references, resume and rates are available upon request.

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    Minivans & Mamalode

    Today I've got another story on mamalode.com — it's about minivans and learning the art of butt acceptance. HERE is the link, I hope you enjoy the piece!
  • 30Mar
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    Kindle Single Coming Soon

    Last summer when we were in the dog days of the Texas heat I wrote a series of essays about our roosters, who are all named Kenny. These stories take place in the country but are about life everywhere — the living and loving and forever learning of how to maneuver it all. I wrote them hoping they would be a Kindle Single and next month that is exactly what they will become. As soon as Rooster Stories is for sale in the Kindle Single store I’ll post the link here and on my blog @ thirtysexysomething.com
  • 4Jan
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