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Hello Internet Wanderers and Friends,

If you were to rent a cool, old Jeep and then set off for a drive down the eastern coast of Mexico, eventually you would come across a charming town mostly known only by locals—with cobblestone streets and the sound of the ocean always in the distance. I don’t live in that town.

I live in a town that some call the heart of Texas, a place called Waco. If you’ve heard of Waco, it’s probably either because of some nice people on TV who do fixer uppers or the guy who set up camp outside of town in 1993 and called himself Jesus. I found Waco because I fell in love with a man who is a rancher. He can’t imagine living in a town that isn’t a short drive to wide open space, but luckily, he also likes to vacation to places where you can always hear the ocean.

Maybe after that long intro you’ve already guessed: I’m a writer. I’m also an editor and a story collaborator, which is just the new, updated way to say ghostwriter.

I spend my days as deputy editor of Magnolia Journal, which means I work for those nice people on TV, alongside a whole lot of other nice people, and we get to make beautiful stories that are packaged together and go to the world four times a year. A few of the stories I have written and am especially proud of are here, here, and here.

For over a decade I also wrote a monthly column for Wacoan, the city magazine of Waco. Sometimes I wrote about quetzals, other times about macrame plant hangers. Recently I started doing an advice column called Dear Boots. It’s only been a few months, but I already love Boots dearly. Got questions about bluebonnets or lazy neighbors? Boots has answers

Since I was about yay high, I’ve wanted to write books and in 2010 my first novel Just Don’t Call Me Ma’am was published by Seal Press. When Texas Monthly featured it in their books section, I got so excited I danced like a chicken. I thought I was just dancing, a friend who subscribes to multiple tough love podcasts suggested the chicken part.

My second book Copygirl was based on my experience as a copywriter in a Manhattan ad agency that won a truckload of awards but also had a teensy-weensy bit of a reputation as a ferociously cutthroat boys club.

When I am not writing for magazines or working on a book, I often will partner with people who have amazing stories to tell but need a writer to help get those stories on paper. Because I have signed blood contracts promising to cut off my right pinky toe if I ever mention those people by name, that’s all I can say about that, but if you are looking for a story collaborator, have your people call my people. Or we can be normal people and you can just email me. I enjoy nothing more than a surprise email that contains an amazing story.

I promise I’m almost done, but if you’re still reading, you’re fabulous. Should you feel an interest to investigate more of my work, that pink Instagram camera in the bottom corner of the page will take you to some of the fiction I have been working on over the last year.  

Writers have brought me out of the depths so many times over the course of my life. I believe no matter where we are or what season we are in, words can be powerful forces of good. That’s always what I am writing for.

Thank you for taking the time to be here,

Anna Mitchael