“Wickedly funny and smartly sweet… a high-octane, electric look at Madison Avenue.”

Publishers Weekly

“Anna is my favorite kind of editor. She partners with you to define the story, while giving you creative freedom to explore the heart of it. Her intuition for what makes a piece work is on the mark every time.”

—Charis Dietz, contributor Magnolia Journal

“The story of a city-to-country transplant isn’t new, but Mitchael is funny enough to rejuvenate the narrative… a colorful, laugh-out-loud portrait of rural life.”

Chicago Tribune

“Waco is a town full of hidden gems and Anna’s monthly columns are one of them. They’re sharp, witty, relatable, and people just love them.”

—Heather Garcia, managing editor Wacoan

“There is another side to the Sex And The City martini and stiletto fairy tale of finding your way in the world.”

Texas Monthly

“But our worst fears are rarely what we profess.” That’s a quote from Rattlesnake Stories, which I love, love, love.”

—Megan Willome, author of The Joy of Poetry